Internet Access In Venezuela To Be Censored

Hugo Chavez wins again. Only because he’s cheating and has the cards stacked in his favor. In an effort to keep people from calling him an idiot, or stupid, or something else, El Chavo del 8 has passed a law making it illegal to “disrespect” public officials.

How do you disrespect a public official? Dunno, but I’m sure if you point out anything that he and his cronies don’t like, that you’re “disrespecting.” By the way, the Venezuelan constitution “guarantees” free speech, so this new law, at the very least, is unconstitutional since it restricts speech.

Obviously, Chayvez lacks the mental capacity and the acumen to realize that he’s attacking free speech, but he’s never been a fan of free speech to begin with.

How do you define “disrespect” anyway?

As far as I can tell, the only person in Venezuela that “promote[s] hatred or create[s] anxiety in the citizenry or alter[s] public order” is Hugo Chavez himself.

When is he going to go back to jail for treason, among other things?

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The parliament in Venezuela has approved a law which will tighten the rules regulating internet content.

Under the bill, online messages inciting hatred, or political and religious intolerance, are banned.

The new law also prohibits contents which is deemed to disrespect public officials.

Opposition politicians voted against the measure, which they say is a threat to freedom of speech.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says it will help protect citizens against online crimes.

Under the new rules, providers of online contents and internet portals could be fined if images or messages appearing on their sites “disrespect public authorities, incite or promote hatred or create anxiety in the citizenry or alter public order”.

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