iOS6 Maps Suck

I’m not just jumping on the “iOS6 maps suck” bandwagon, I actually have something that I can show you as proof.

Both of the views are at approximately the same zoom level. Both maps are set to show traffic and show landmarks.

Here is what Google maps shows for San Marcos, Texas:

Google Map of San Marcos, TX

This, is what iOS6 maps shows:

iOS6 Map of San Marcos, TX

Some of my friends tell me that the maps issues is not a big deal, or that the maps are fine and whatever. I disagree.

I think that if you depend on getting reliable map data for navigating around traffic or for finding addresses etc. you need to hold off on upgrading to iOS6 until a better map application is out. Either that, or install Google Chrome for iPhone and use the Google maps inside the chrome browser.


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