Iran Threatening To Boycott 2012 Olympics

They must not be ready to compete at all if they have to go to these measures. Seriously, the logo is hideous, but that’s no crime against humanity.

The beef lies in that if you read the logo from top to bottom, going from left to right, it apparently spells the word “Zion.” Of course, never mind that the geniuses just figured this out, even though the logo has been public for 4 years.

I bet the Iranian government killed too many of their Olympic level athletes when they were putting down civilian uprisings recently. Now, all the athletes they have left, are best described as “oh limp dick” level athletes.

Yeah, I just said that.

I wonder how long it will take Hugo Chavez to pronounce himself in support of Iran, just like he’s pronounced himself in support of Gaddafi.

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Iran is threatening to boycott of the 2012 London Olympics because it claims the official logo for the games resembles the word “Zion,” which is a biblical term for Jerusalem.

Bahram Afsharzadeh, the secretary-general of Iran’s National Olympic Committee, says he sent a letter to IOC president Jacques Rogge in which he condemns the logo as “racist” and calls upon other Muslim countries to join in protest.

The logo was unveiled four years ago to mass criticism, almost all of which had to do with the awkward, bulky design and not pro-Zionist conspiracy:

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