James Arthur Ray: Creating Absolute Nonsense

This is a cool video of James Ray. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything about the guy since other people are doing a great job at it. Just for the love of Google, James Arthur Ray, is the fake new wage guru that killed 4 people in 90 days during 2009. The guy, for some unknown reason, kept a video urging people to come to one of his $1000 events in San Diego. It just so happens that Colleen Conaway died at that event while under the “care” of Death Ray and his staff.

Here’s a guy claiming to want to teach you to create harmonic wealth, whatever that is, yet his attorney says that “James is not a wealthy guy.” I guess the attorney didn’t see any of the materials that Death Ray put out where he brags about how wealthy he is.

Hats off to Salty Droid for creating the video!


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