James Arthur Ray on CNN

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about James Arthur Ray, AKA Death Ray. I came across this post over on the Salty Droid’s blog, and felt like I needed to chime in.

The video below, is about the sociopath James Arthur Ray, and features an interview of a former staff member of his.

The gems from the video are:

  • James Ray is a sociopath and a megalomaniac
  • Up to 10 people are expected to be charged with felonies in connection with the sweat lodge deaths in Sedona
  • People are now, finally, talking about Colleen Conaway. She died in a July James Ray event
  • James Ray and his company James Ray International are still not cooperating with authorities investigating the deaths

After the above video, CNN interviewed Deepak Chopra. Apparently, the problem with the self help industry is that it’s not regulated. The fact that a bunch of Charlatans with high priced PR people can get on as many TV “news” shows and “news” magazines to do as many self promotional “interviews” as they please has nothing to do with it.

Here’s a sample of the “news” programs investigating Death Ray’s credentials etc.

Here’s Chopra’s video, in case you want to watch it and listen to him pitch his program while bashing Death Ray’s program:

So basically, according to Chopra and Anderson Cooper, in order to prevent another Sedona death lodge and another Death Ray from rising up, we need regulation. We need some kind of agency to over see self help gooroos and regulate what they can and cannot do and say. Self regulation is the best way to go, according to Chopra.

I’m not entirely convinced self regulation is the answer.

The takeaway from all of these videos, in my opinion, is that:

  • “The Secret” is a pile of cow manure.
  • The “Law of Attraction” is no law at all.
  • News reporters are not in the business of actually telling the news.
  • If you need help, find a fully qualified professional, in a properly regulated industry to help you.


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