James Ray Charged with Manslaughter

I just watched this video of Brad Brian, who is one of the Attorneys for James Arthur “Death” Ray. There are a few things that just stand out to me.

  1. For a guy that taught people how to have “harmonic wealth” the fact that he doesn’t have the $500,000 to post for bail reinforces his status as a phony. Even his attorney said: “He’s not a wealthy guy.” So, Death Ray was teaching people how to become wealthy, but he wasn’t wealthy himself, he just put on a facade and pretended to be wealthy.
  2. Attorney’s will say douchebaggy things to defend their clients. This attorney says that there was no crime, this was an accident. Sorry hoss, but 3 people died in the sweat lodge that your client organized, accident or no accident when people die there is definitely a crime somewhere.
  3. Larry King is represented by the same agent that represented Death Ray, and Larry King promoted Death Ray back when being associated with him was a good thing. Even this little performance by Death Ray’s defense attorney is nothing more than a publicity stunt to try and influence the potential jury pool.
  4. Don’t believe people with 3 first names, or 2 first names for that matter.

Here’s the video, in case you want to watch it.

I think the thing that really disgusts me about this whole thing is that Death Ray’s attorneys are talking about $5 million being “unconscionable” as in “oppressive, not right, exceptionally unfair” and so on.

You know what I think is “unconscionable?” That 3 people died while Death Ray was in charge. 4 people when you include Colleen Conaway who died at a different event that Death Ray was running in San Diego.

After watching the video again, it seems like Brad Brian, the attorney, is wanting the same people that Ray almost cooked to death to pony up the bail money for their wealth gooroo to get out of jail.


Don’t believe the hype.

Over the years I’ve spent lots of money looking for “spiritual growth” and “spiritual guidance” etc. I’ve read lots of books by people like Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and other big name people, yet they all seemed phony to me. I just had the feeling that they were just rehashing other people’s writings.

Now that I’m older and maybe a little wiser, or at least better versed in public speaking, I’ve realized that those big name gooroos are nothing more than information marketers with a product funnel. They create product that they need to move and clear out so they can create more product and so on. Very few, if any of them, really care about your personal or spiritual growth.

Your Mileage May Vary

If you want some really good motivation, read “Poor Richard’s Almanack” by Benjamin Franklin, or read the Henry IV series of plays or Hamlet by Shakespeare. There’s no need to pay some fake gooroo like Ray almost $10,000 to go to a “spiritual growth, harmonic wealth death camp.”

If you really, really need help, find yourself a licensed and medically trained psychiatrist, or a psychologist and get professional help. At the very least, find a Bible based church and get spiritual guidance from a pastor. Although I’d classify myself as a “work in progress, ” both licensed professionals and spiritual guidance from a pastor have worked for me.



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