James Ray Convicted Of Negligent Homicide

The trial of former self help guru, and “The Secret” informercial huckster named James Arthur Ray has concluded in the only way it could possibly have concluded: in a guilty verdict for the douchebag.

I won’t do a whole writeup, since the droid already did a great one over on his site. Suffice it to say, that now, maybe his twitter bot will stop tweeting all of that bullshit.

Hopefully, the remainder of his followers will learn of the fate of their fake guru.

Hopefully, people will begin to see “The Secret” as nothing more than an informercial for a bunch of lying sacks of shit.

Hopefully, we’ll see additional convictions for the rest of the asshats featured in that informercial. We’ve already been blessed with a lifetime ban for David Schirmer. Schirmer pretended to be a financial guru but the Australian Securities and Investment Commission determined that Schirmer was only good at defrauding people out of money.

Who’s the next person featured in “The Secret” in line for a conviction?

Who will be the next asshole to “attract” criminal charges… time will tell I guess.

One last thing, fuck you Oprah for allowing these assholes onto your bully pulpit to spread their venom to the world.


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