Just A Ride To Riverside

I had a different post that I was working on for today, but then this happened and I decided this was far more interesting.

My girlfriend went to the CVS pharmacy tonight to go buy some shampoo. I stayed home because, among other things, I hate going to CVS.

When she came back, she told me that there was a dude at the CVS that was looking for someone to give him a ride to Austin, just as far as Riverside. The guy was asking if anyone knew of a cab company that would come and get him and then take him in to town.

He offered to pay a certain amount of money to anyone that would take him. As soon as I heard that, I jumped at the opportunity.

I need money, and there was money to be made, so I got in my car and headed over to CVS.

When I get there, I find a short, medium build, Hispanic man who looks to be in his early to mid 30s. He seemed surprised that I was offering to give him a ride to Austin since he hadn’t seen me coming in or out of the CVS. While we were exchanging pleasantries, he told me that he needed to go to Austin because he and “his girl” had gotten into a fight and he was tired of the drama.

He said he needed a ride to Austin, so he could get a motel room and spend the night there away from his girlfriend.

This was not what I was expecting. I thought he had somehow gotten left behind here and he needed a ride to his home in Austin.

He then told me that before heading in to Austin, he needed me to take him to pick up his propane tank that he left in a ditch nearby. At this point, I started to think that this just wasn’t worth the hassle, but I’m glad I changed my mind.

He told me that his name is Daniel, that he moved recently to Kyle with his girlfriend from his hometown of San Antonio.

He said that he and his girlfriend is from Kyle and that they’d lived together in harmony in San Antonio for 3 years. She was the one that talked him into moving to Kyle. Once they moved here, he said, the drama started. “She’s always on that damned Facebook” he said with more than a twinge of frustration in his voice.

His phone, kept ringing, so he turned it off.

On the drive in to Austin, we talked about his life and how he was trying to do the right thing and we talked about how he expected things to work out for him in the end because he was “being right.” He said he expected some rough patches, but he was sure that if he stayed on the straight path that things would eventually work out for him.

I took him to a couple of motels around Oltorf/Riverside so he could find a place to sleep, before finally dropping him off at a little dive bar off Riverside Dr. in south Austin.

On my way home, I realized that I had just been in the presence of one of my doppelgangers, again.

I don’t believe that this is a bad omen per se, but I do think that this was a reminder that things could be very different for me. The previous  times that I’ve met a doppelganger have been while I’m working on making changes in my life, so I’m not freaked out by this encounter at all. If anything, I think that seeing him will both aid and guide me along my path.

Before I forget, I should mention that when I dropped him off, his last words to me were “pray for me.” I told him that I would, so I did as soon as I started driving off. I prayed for God to protect him, to keep him on the right path, and for him to have peace and guidance with his decisions.

Pretty much the same prayer that I need for myself.


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