My New Toyota Camry

It’s new to me anyway. Meet Yoshi Toycaro. That’s the name that I have blessed this car with. My old car, finally died the true death when her transmission went out.

For those of you that don’t speak Spanish, the joke in the name of the new car is that it makes the phonetic sentence “yo si estoy caro” which in English means “I am really expensive.”

Maybe you’re a big baller, with really good credit, and a Toyota Camry isn’t all that expensive to you. To me, this car is very expensive.

When I said goodbye to my old car, I struck a Brady:

For good measure, I also struck a Tebow in front of the new car:

So far, I’m loving the car. This Toyota Camry, is way smoother and quieter than my old car ever was. Yoshi, is quiet on the road, quiet in idle and the stereo isn’t bad either.

I’m thinking, the honeymoon will last until I have to start making payments.


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