Need A New Cloud Notebook

To Quote Darth Vader: “Evernote has failed me for the last time.”

I had 45+ notebooks, with a total of about 460 notes or so. The other day, after I updated the application on my iPhone, it deleted all of my notebooks, but threw all of my notes in the trash. I contacted support, and they offered some advice, which I had already tried.

Then they offered some more things to try, so I went to implement those suggestions when just out of curiosity I decided to compare how many of my notes were actually missing. Well, both the online and the desktop version of Evernote were now missing all of my notes.

Not only were all of my notes missing, but it was now showing me someone else’s notes:

So, I now need to find another provider for an online notebook of sorts like evernote, but more reliable. I’m willing to give just about anyone a try. My main requirement, is the ability to do both online backups and local database backups with the ability to revert to an older version of the database should a problem arise.



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