New glasses, new eyes

I got me some new eyeglasses this past week. It’s amazing how blind I was with my old glasses. Seriously, my old glasses are using a 3 year old prescription and on top of that one of the lenses was damaged and is all fogged up.

Everyone at the eyeglass place was amazed that I was still using my old glasses.

Between you, me and the fencepost, the reason I kept those old glasses for so long is because I’m cheap. I thought I’d have to spend over $300 for glasses and the appointment with the eye doctor, but it turns out I didn’t have to do that.

Thanks to having vision insurance, I was able to get my appointment with the eye doctor, my new frames and lenses for $20.

Now, I can see.

It’s amazing how much I was missing by continuing to use my old glasses. Probably one of the weirdest sensations is when my eyes try to over focus as if I still had my old lenses. I can feel them twitching and moving and trying to focus but then they have to relax since my new glasses are doing their thing.

Sometimes, it pays to work for the man.


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