New Office Pics

I’m moved into my new office, in the new “still technically a construction site” building. We’re not allowed to drink water from the water fountains here, because the water has not been certified as safe. We’re also not allowed to use the restrooms in the building because they have also not been certified.

Anyway, there are other things going on with the noise and the power outages etc. but I’ll spare you from my ranting about that sort of thing.

My new office, which is way, way nicer than the old one, is located on a very busy corner. Lots of people walk past my corner all day long. Everytime someone walks past my corner/office door, they look in. No matter how many times they’ve already walked past, they always look in. I figured, I’d give them something to look at.

Cuz, that’s just how I roll.

Here’s the new office:

The new office

Here’s a close up of what’s on the far monitor, right in people’s line of sight.

Closeup of far screen

It’s a desktop background from the fine folks at FX, promoting the show “American Horror Story.” Then, I wonder why people here think I’m weird.


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