No Luck With The Camry Oil Change

Finally, I decided to take the Camry in to get an oil change. As some of you may or may not know, my old car, a 1996 Mercedes E320 died a horrible death last year. Her transmission went out, and because of that, I had to buy a new car.

I bought this car at that time. It’s been reliable, dependable and all that other crap, but it’s a pain in the ass car to own. Today, I found out it needs a special type of oil filter, because it uses a special type of engine oil. It needs 0-20W, which is a super light weight, synthetic and expensive oil.

But wait, there’s more!

I went to get the oil changed, and they did not have the right oil filter at the shop. They claimed to have had the right oil, but there’s no way for me to tell if that’s true or not.

So, if you’re thinking about buying one of these cars, consider the maintenance costs because they will sneak up on you.

Maybe later today I’ll try to get an oil change again, but prolly not. I’m not looking forward to spending north of $75 for an oil change.


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