Octomom’s House to be Foreclosed On

This whole thing has a sense of deviousness to it. One of the founders of Vivid entertainment, which has been trying to get Octomom to appear in its movies, is now going to hold the note on Octomom’s house.

Octomom, can’t make the mortgage payments on her house, but there’s supposed to be “no pressure” from Vivid. Hmmm, something seems rotten in Denmark to me.

It looks like the play from Hirsch is going to be something like “work for me, either in my movies or in my business, and you’ll get to live in your house.” Otherwise, GTFO.

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“I am open to any option that (allows me to) finish with this matter,” said Haddadin. He said he’s meeting with his lawyer Monday to discuss the deal and further eviction procedures, and Suleman won’t face eviction Friday as previously reported.

Hirsch told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he’s not trying to pressure Suleman into porn, but he would use her housing woes to start a conversation that brings her to work for Vivid.

“There’d be no pressure on her. We’re not looking to foreclose on the note, but if nothing else it would give us opportunity to meet with her,” Hirsch said. “She’s made it clear she doesn’t want to do an adult movie. Maybe there are other things we could do that she would be interested in.”

Amer Haddadin, the man who holds the loan, has repeatedly warned Suleman to pay the $450,000 that’s due or get out. But he says he’s now considering an offer from Vivid Entertainment co-founder Steve Hirsch to pay the bill.

Suleman has repeatedly declined Hirsch’s offers of up to $1 million to appear in porn videos.

Haddadin says half a million dollars is nothing to Hirsch, whose company is one of the biggest pornography companies based in California’s San Fernando Valley.

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