Of Fitness Fatness and Losing Weight

Apparently, I’m serious about this whole eating better and losing weight thing.

My Lunch, chicken kebabs and a salad

I’ve been carefully monitoring what I eat when it comes to portion sizes and I’ve also stopped eating from the free snacks bowl that we have at work. I seriously think that just not eating candy could potentially account for about 5-10 lbs. worth of weight loss.

I figured out what my goal for the year should be, and then broke that number down to manageable chunks, which will hopefully help me out in the long run since I’m going for a bunch of small goals that when added up together for the year amount to a large amount.

Not sure that I’m going to start a new fitness centered blog, but maybe I will. People at my exercise group keep asking me for advice on things and I don’t really want to send them here since most people won’t be able to remember that this is a dot me domain instead of dot com, but maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to do more work.


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