Packing your Bags for a Photo Shoot

I can attest that it’s important to have a pen with you when you go on a photo shoot. I think that you can also add a tablet of some kind so you can make notes.

I wish I had a nice rig like this, and eventually I will. This past weekend I went on a photo shoot to a football game and packed just about everything that they outline in this article.

You know I write everything from experience. No point in figuring things out and not passing on the info! So here is a list of simple things to remember (or in my case, forget) when packing up your bags for a photo shoot or wedding:

  • Choose your bag. I have a girly camera bag (from Jo Totes) and a big Lowepro Roller. I use them for different types of work. For example, I bring the roller fully packed with everything I need if I know I have an assistant to roll it around for me. It it’s just me or I know the weather is rainy (mud in the wheels!) I make sure to bring a bag I can wear on me.
  • Charge your batteries and pack the charger
  • Wipe and format the memory cards. Nothing more annoying than stopping a couple midway down the aisle so you can change your memory card and wait the 20 seconds for 8 gigs of last week’s photos to clear out.
  • A pen. Seems unimportant, but I find myself needing a pen at least once.
  • Business cards! Keep a little pile of cards in all your camera bags, handbags and put one or two in your pocket. If I notice that one of the bridesmaids has an engagement ring, I make sure to hand her a card and tell her to check the blog for her friend’s photos within a week.



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