Palin Supports Constitutional Rights For Her, But Not For You

Isn’t it interesting to note how Palin et al. pick and chose what part of the Constitution they support? It’s amazing how they decry (allegedly) having their 1st amendment rights taken away, but don’t bat an eye at taking other people’s 14th amendment rights away?

What a pack of hypocrites.

I listened to the audio clip of “Dr” Laura, and it sounded like her first amendment rights were just fine. She clearly expressed her opinion and her position.

No one came and yanked her off the air and as far as I know, you can still listen to her show.

I agree with the article in that the only real suffering “Dr” Laura has had is at the hands of sponsors and radio stations. Obviously, sponsors and radio stations have the right to not support other people’s opinions with their money and/or airwaves.

As far as I know, sponsorship money is not a constitutionally protected right.

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Another day, another 1st Amendment flap involving socially conservative broadcasters.

Onetime vice presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin on Wednesday tweeted her support for Dr. Laura Schlessinger after the advice guru said she was leaving radio broadcasting over 1st Amendment issues following racially charged comments she made last week.

Schlessinger repeatedly used the “N word” on her show Aug. 10 while discussing with a caller black comedians’ use of the word. She has since apologized twice and made the decision to quit her radio show (but to continue broadcasting on her website and on YouTube, among others).

Palin, who faced her own freedom-of-speech dilemma recently after Facebook inadvertently removed one of her posts criticizing the decision to  build a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, used a pet phrase of hers to advise Schlessinger: “Don’t retreat … reload.” 

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