Penn & Teller Bullshit: Self Helpless

I love this show. I wish I could just link to full episodes and have you watch them all. Here’s the next best thing, in a cleverly disguised affiliate link: Penn & Teller Bullsh*t: Seasons 1-7 Sure, some of the stuff that they call bullshit hits close to home, and some of their shows are off the mark completely, but it’s still a pretty entertaining show.

I never would have pictured myself as a Penn and Teller fan, but that’s what I’ve become thanks to this TV show.

The show is in it’s 8th season, so there’s lot to talk about and lots to highlight. Here’s the self help episode of their show.

Be advised/ warned, there is a lot of cussing, lots of off color language and lots of gratuitous nudity. Watch the show for what it is, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3


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