PETA Ad Banned From Airports

I like to think the reason the ad was banned is due to peta being a terrorist organization that supports fire bombing university research labs and harbors arsonists. Or maybe the ads got banned because peta has a large euthanization facility at their headquarters in Virginia and are therefore a bunch of hypocrits with a holier than thou attitude.

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So here’s a riddle of the day: why is it that airports are banning the above “risque” PETA ad that references full-body scanners, when the airports are working to install the actual things, which reveal far more than than this underwear-baring ad? One can only laugh at all the inconsistencies and procedure of Full-Body Scanners, and just when PETA produces one of the timeliest ads out there, it gets shot down.

The controversy over this advertisement began in May, when Southwest Airlines rejected this ad from their in-flight magazine, citing inappropriateness. The image purports to convince travelers that the key to looking good and being unembarrassed about a revealing full-body scan is to adopt a vegan diet.




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