Photography Blogging

I’ve been working on my photography business lately. It’s going well, or maybe I should say better than before. The problem, is that I need a place to blog about the photography business and whatnot.

So, that’s the issue that I’m facing.

Do I start a brand new blog, just for photography, or do I just start blogging about my photography here… that, is the question.

I’m still developing my style, but if there was a photography style that I want to grow towards, it’s shooting like this photo here:

I took that during a photo shoot yesterday. I like how the clouds look, I like how he’s lit too. If I’m honest, I’d want a little more back light and a little bit more light on his face. Whence the whole thing about developing my style a bit more.

Overall, I like this photo, and so did the client. Ultimately, what matters is making the client happy, right?


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