Plagiarizing Douchebags Suck

On June 14, 2010 Taryn Pisaneschi published a blog post titled: 7 Things You Should Do Right Now. It’s a really cool article and you should go read it.

Then on July 17, someone claiming to be @ColderIce plagiarized Taryn’s blog post and published the plagiarizing copy on a RatePoint site. Here’s a screen shot of the plagiarized content:

Ironically, Ratepoint has the tagline: “Reputation is everything.”

The plagiarizer, in true douchebag fashion, didn’t even bother to link to, or credit, Taryn for her work. Fast forward a few hours, and the offending content was removed, and then this tweet went out:

ColderIce apology

So, what’s the lesson here boys and girls?

The lesson is, don’t plagiarize! The other lesson is that you should pay attention to what the people pretending to be you are doing. Specially if you’re going to call yourself “a cool ass dude” because otherwise you’ll just end up looking like an ass.


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