Plane Crash Dream

SWA Boeing 737I dreamt that I saw an airplane crash into the side of a mountain. The pilot thought he saw the runway but what he really saw was a parking lot.

The plane, looked like it was a 777 but it had the tip of a 707 on the tail, so it was a weird hybrid plane. It was bright yellow, which made me think it was a DHL cargo plane.

When I told people about the crash, everyone thought I was stupid or crazy for saying that I saw a plane crash.

Apparently, I was the only person that saw the whole thing happen. I even managed to get a picture of the crash with my phone, and still no one believed me.

The weather was foggy and I was in the ground, when the plane crashed, so I didn’t have a good vantage point.

When the plane hit the ground, I remember seeing a puff of smoke and dust. I remember the plane compacted like an accordion into the hole that it made in the side of the mountain.

It turns out, that I had the only video and pictures of the plane crashing. Everyone said it was a fake, and no one believed me.

Eventually, as in a few days later, I made my way up the mountain to the spot where the plane hit the ground.

When I reached the spot, I found a construction crew at work putting up a new building.

The construction workers were rude to me when I asked them about the crash and they wanted me to leave so they could go back to work.

They claimed that there had been no crash, that I probably just saw something related to their construction project and that they would’ve noticed a plane crashing near where they were had there really been a plane crash.

They tried to convince me that I was crazy, delusional, and that I had also made up a false video to back up my claims.

They almost succeeded in making me doubt what I saw, but as I walked away, I saw a piece of aviation aluminum on the ground.

That’s when I woke up.

Weird huh?


Rafael is an aviation geek, a consumer advocate, a dad, a multiple personality blogger, a photographer, politically opinionated, a videographer and many other things as well.