Point Break 2015 – A Quasi Review

I’m a huge fan of the original Point Break. I loved the chemistry between surfer dude extraordinaire Keanu Reeves and Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze. There was just something magical between those two and the way their characters reflected what I perceive to be their real life personas that just works for me.

This new movie, not so much chemistry between the lead characters.

The acting

  • Meh, very meh. The guy that plays Johnny Utah was believable as a poli-athlete but not so much as a FBI agent.
  • I don’t know that people got much direction as far as how to play these extreme bad ass criminal athletes. More a little later.

The dialogue

  • Felt forced. It felt like they were really trying to both pay homage to the original and say that this movie stands on its own in its own universe.
  • European actors, or at least people pretending to speak with strong accents. At one moment, Bodhi is revealed to be from Venezuela and he suddenly starts speaking Spanish but throughout the rest of the movie he speaks with a French accent. Made no sense to me.

The special effects

  • It’s hard to tell which ones were practical and which ones were digital. This is a good thing.
  • The extreme sports shots were epic.
  • I’d love to know how many times they had to shoot that base jumping scene to get everything just right in the final edit.

The story

  • Didn’t work for me. I was just not convinced that the Johnny Utah in this movie’s universe would end up in the FBI.
  • I couldn’t buy that the FBI would put up with the shenanigans that Utah engages in while pursuing this case.
  • There was no real motivation for the characters to do what they were doing. We’re told reasons in exposition, but there was little to no motivation for why or how these people became who they became.
  • Not sure that I like that they had the requisite surfing scenes, fight scene (with a twist) and the scene where Utah shoots his gun into the air while screaming “AAAAAAARRGGH” as Bodhi runs away.

Final verdict

  • The movie was enjoyable to a degree. I think that if I was not familiar with the original I would have enjoyed this movie more. Despite wanting to be separate but equal to the original, they created a almost shot for shot remake of the original.
  • Watch a couple of hours of extreme videos on YouTube, like this one:


Or this one from Roberta Mancino:

And then watch the original Point Break.


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