Random Saturday Stuff

Just a few un-ordered thoughts aka random stuff on this Saturday.

  • I find it weird that I can decide that I’ve had enough to eat at a certain point, even though my stomach is telling me to keep on throwing food down my gullet.
  • Just setup a new to me laptop with Ubuntu Linux because I was pissed off that the windows install disk didn’t have all the drivers I needed to operate the laptop properly. Why is it that a free Operating System can have all the drivers I need to start using a laptop right out of the box, but the Operating System that I have to pay for doesn’t? That, makes no sense to me.
  • Tomorrow, is the 3M half marathon. I was supposed to run it, but my back spasms are killing me so I probably won’t be able to run it.
  • I have a photo shoot today, 48 miles from my house. The weather could be totally different there than it is here.


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