Rednecks, Gotta Love’em

Redneck IslandFor years, I’ve harbored a semi-secret affinity for all things redneck. I think it started back in college when most of my friends were rednecks or came from redneck families. All of them were legitimately genuine people that would give you the shirt off their backs and would do just about anything for a friend.

I loved hanging out with them and their kin, and well, living in Texas it’s hard to be more than 10 feet away from a redneck at any one time. My TV redneck love affair started with “My Big Fat Redneck Wedding” or whatever the show was actually called.

Tom Arnold was the host, and just like the name implies they had a bunch of redneck style weddings with mudding, hunting, fishing, dumpster diving, horses, monster trucks and all kinds of farm implements. It was awesome.

A friend of mine at work sent me an email telling me about a new show called “Redneck Island.” I gotta tellya, I was not too keen on the idea. I thought it was going to suck, and it may very well turn out to still suck in the end but I watched the first episode and I loved it.

I think that what I liked most about the show, is that they don’t make fun of the rednecks on the show. They just let them be themselves, which is what makes the show so cool to watch. I will be adding this show to the DVR rotation because I enjoyed it that much.


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