Retired Stalker: Facebook Making Gen Y Stalkers Lazy

facebook for dummies

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This is a work of fiction, but I agree with the author that the threats are real. I don’t think that Facebook places is a good idea at all.

Letting everyone know where you are all the time is just plain stupid. What are y’alls thoughts?

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When asked to elaborate, the 57-year-old man (whom we’ll call “Slim”) launched into a rant about “teenage slackers” who are
relying solely on the Internet (what he called “AOL”) and mobile devices (what he refers to as “car phones”).

“I hear about all this new stuff. Hey! We didn’t have no GPSs, or this Facebook, or…The Google-all this fancy boy stuff,”
Slim says. “Back then, I used to have to sit in my El Camino for hours and hours each night, eating the same stale fast-food
day after day, just waiting for my stalking victim to emerge from her apartment, office or aerobics class. It was hard work!”

“This new breed of stalkers-these cyberstalkers, these kids-they have no idea how hard it was to stalk people back in the
day,” says the long-time serial stalker, who requested anonymity due to his more than three decades of stalking and several
pending allegations. “They’re soft.”


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