Sanctity Of Life Bull

I love this bit by George Carlin. I love the part where he asks “how come when it’s us it’s an abortion, but when it’s a chicken it’s called an omelette?”

I couldn’t make a better argument.

Carlin and I pretty much have the same position on the sanctity of life. The State of Texas has murdered 500 people and counting via the death penalty, yet not a single “pro-lifer” has ever made the argument that the death penalty is immoral, and should be illegal.

Listen, the moment Rick Perry says that all life is sacred, and he wants to abolish the death penalty in Texas then I might, MIGHT, start to listen to what he has to say on the matter. Until then, no, not gonna happen.

Let’s not forget, that when Rick Perry said we should pray for rain, and then lead a prayer for rain at that religious conference God responded by setting the state on fire.


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