Se Murio El Gocho

“El Gocho” is the nickname that just about all Venezuelans referred to Carlos Andres Perez, aka CAP, as. El Gocho was a consummate and lifetime politician that had some great ideas that benefited Venezuelan society as a whole.

El Gocho died of a heart attack today in Miami, FL. Peace be with El Gocho and his loved ones.

The current president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, lead a failed coup attempt in 1992 against El Gocho. In the last 50 years, there has only been one traitor to the country and his name is Hugo Chavez.

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Venezuela’s former President Carlos Andres Perez has died in Florida at the age of 88.

He died of a heart attack, Mr Perez’s daughter was quoted by Venezuela’s Globovision as saying.

Mr Perez served as president from 1974 to 1979 and again from 1989 to 1993.

His first term was marked by a transformation of Venezuela’s economy because of a sudden increase in oil revenues. His second was marred by allegations of corruption.

‘Caracazo’ riots

Mr Perez was forced to leave office in 1993 and was then sentenced to 28 months in prison for the misappropriation of millions of dollars in public funds.

He spent the first few months in a jail in Caracas, but was then allowed to serve the rest of his term under house arrest.

Mr Perez had always denied any wrongdoing.

He survived two coup attempts in 1992, the first of which was led by current President Hugo Chavez, who was then a young army lieutenant colonel.

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