Seriously, What’s The Point?

what's the point
whats the point

I’m sitting here at my computer, learning about Cybersecurity because I’m thinking of a career change to something that I can do remotely and not have to go in to an office and whatever. The thought that entered my mind as I was making my way through the course was “seriously, what’s the point?”

Why am I studying to learn a new skill if I’m going to expire before I can get really good at it?

Stupid cancer is playing with my head and I don’t like it.

I want to learn a new skill so I can travel and work at the same time. I want to be able to work while I’m going through chemotherapy and I feel like this is a career that I can pursue while I am remote and while I work to get rid of my cancer.

I’ve joined a Facebook group called ColonTown and in the group there are lots of people that have been in a similar situation to mine and have beaten cancer and are still around to talk about it.

I can be one of those people.

So, to answer the question: the point is that I see myself living well past my projected expiration date and I want to do something that I can enjoy, that I find challenging and that lets me travel at the same time.

Stop messing with my head stupid cancer.


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