Smartphones: disrupting 10 markets and counting…

How many markets has the smartphone disrupted? At least 10 at last count, according to this list compiled by Douglas A. McIntyre and Charles Stockdale:

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1. PDAs: “The product was a stepping stone toward the superior smartphone.”

2. Flip video cameras: “…the multifunctional smartphone may soon push Flip out of the picture.”

3. MP3 players: “Even the iPod, the biggest selling MP3 player of all time, had its lowest point since 2006 in the most recent quarter.”

4. Digital cameras: “Handsets soon may begin to cannibalize the low-end of the DSC (digital still camera) market as they incorporate higher megapixels and flash capabilities.”

5. Handheld video games: “More consumers are using their phones for portable gaming.”

6. GPS: “The increase in smartphones with GPS capabilities poses a huge threat to standalone GPS devices.”

7. PCs: “As smartphones continue to feature more memory, storage capability and stronger processing power, consumers will increasingly rely on them for Internet use instead of their clunky PCs.”

8. Regular cell phones: “Just as smartphones are making other single-function devices more and more obsolete, they are pushing regular, ‘featureless’ cell phones out of the competitive marketplace.”

9. Watches: “Many consumers…  are just as likely to associate the notion of checking the time with a mobile handset as with a watch…  watches are worn for fashion, not function.”

10. Remote controls: “…as Internet and television content become more and more intertwined, smartphone remotes seem an increasingly appropriate instrument of control.”

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