Star Wars The Force Awakens – A Quasi Review

I finally went to go see Star Wars The Force Awakens. I’ve been debating about doing a full on review or something similar on here. Instead of doing that, I’ll just do a sort of big hits type of thing.

Of course, there will be spoilers, probably, so don’t look past the photos if you want to avoid the spoilers.

This is the day of days when my hunnay and I get to finally watch the new Star Wars movie. #theforceawakens via Instagram

We got collectors cups! #theforceisstrong via Instagram


The acting:

  • I did not have a problem with most of the acting. If, there was a weak point in the acting, it was with the people from the original trilogy.
  • Overall, I was pleased despite some cringe worthy moments.

The dialogue:

  • Michelle thought that the dialogue was too modern for her tastes. She did not like how Rey and Finn talked to each other. I did not have a problem with that myself, but apparently it was really annoying to her.
  • Some to the conversations between Ben Solo and Han Solo seemed a little wooden, but this was mostly on Harrison Ford’s side of the conversation.
  • Also, there was some really bad dialogue between Han and Leia. Like seriously awkward. I had visions of South Park’s review of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull during a couple of the awkward moments.

The special effects:

  • Both practical and digital, and epic.

The story:

  • Felt, at times, like a shot for shot remake of Episode IV.
  • Entertaining nonetheless.
  • Good to see what happened with Han and Leia, although there are still other people who I’d like to know what happened to them.
  • Good to see that Luke is still around, but homeboy says 0 words of dialogue in the movie.

Final Verdict:



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