Steve Jobs and Me

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

I was as surprised as the next person when I read that Steve Jobs was resigning from Apple. I wasn’t planning on saying anything about it on here, but I changed my mind.

I started working at Apple in the summer of 99, right after the multicolored, aka 5 flavor, iMacs first came out. I worked at “the froot” until January of 2006. My time at Apple was tumultuous when you look at it from a personal perspective, but very productive when you look at it from a professional point of view.

When I started, I was married, and had a 2 year old son. For my first 8-9 months at the company, I was a contractor. I was doing phone tech support for the professional G3 desktop computers. When I left, a little over 5 years after becoming an “Apple badged” employee, I was divorced, with 2 kids, a broken engagement, a whole lot of other drama going on. At the time that I left, I was in charge of all technical aspects of the computer equipment at the Austin call center.

I think that I did a good job, when my head was in the game.

I remember watching Steve Jobs on the internal TV channel during “Apple Internal” staff meetings.

I remember trying to figure out how he was able to broadcast his reality distortion field all the way to Austin and other points through the TV. I was proud of working for Apple, but really, I think I was proud of working with him. I think that a lot of us felt like we worked with him and not for him.

His presentations during “Apple Internal” meetings were just as good, if not better, than his presentations at MacWorld. He could inspire you to work more, better and smarter than you thought you could.

Yes, I drank the Apple cool aid and I loved it. I was convinced that we were doing something meaningful. We were changing the world. To a large degree we did.

I’ll never forget the time he came on stage during an internal presentation and pulled a first generation iPod out of his pocket. I trusted and believed that the iPod would be a success. It had to be. When tech pundits started trashing the first generation iPod because it was too limited, or too expensive and “why doesn’t it have a radio?” I got angry, as if they were saying that a child of mine wasn’t good enough.

That first generation iPod, was the first hard drive based mp3 player that actually worked right as an mp3 player. That’s all it needed to do.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Godspeed Steve. Stay foolish, stay hungry.


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