Still shuffling things around

I still haven’t quite settled in to what I want to do with this site. As you can see, I’ve created the subdomain for my blog, but I still haven’t quite decided what I want to showcase here.

On a different note: SXSWi was a crazy good time. The one thing that I got out of it, actually the biggest thing that I got out of it is that I need to focus. I need to seriously focus and give a concerted effort in one area. I’m digging too many holes and not getting anywhere with any of them.

Speaking of beer… I really enjoyed doing the fast interviews and doing the guerrilla style filming, what I don’t have, is a solid stream of people that I can interview and interact with.

Last but not least: I think I decided to change the name of the podcast from “Marketing Minutes” to simply “The Rafael Marquez show.” I like the show name better because it will allow me to just do interviews or talk about random things and it will be in line with the “show” format and not necessarily have to be focused on marketing.

What do you think about my idea to change the name of the podcast?


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