Tea Party Wins Big

I’ll admit, I know nothing about this lady. Apparently, not many other people do either. Her claim to fame, comes from being the candidate that Sarah Palin backed in this race.

The “Tea Party” in general reminds me of a line from that movie “Men in Black.” It’s the scene where Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) are sitting on the park bench just after K tells J that he has to make the choice to join the MIB.

Agent K says something like: “A person is the most intelligent, sensible and rational human being possible. “People” are stupid.” Or something like that anyway.

The rise of the Tea Party reminds me of another quote: “dark times, they are a comin.”

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In one of the biggest upsets, Tea Party-backed candidate Christine O’Donnell beat a veteran congressman for the Senate nomination in Delaware.

A Tea Party candidate also won the race to stand for New York governor.

Republican strategists fear these candidates will not appeal to the wider electorate in November mid-term polls.

Tea Party-backed candidates had earlier won Senate nominations in Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky and Alaska.

The Tea Party triumph in Delaware is one of the most significant results of the entire primary season, says the BBC’s Steve Kingstone in Washington.

Christine O’Donnell was publicly ridiculed and written off by the state’s Republican leadership, but she survived to score a resounding victory over the establishment candidate, Congressman Mike Castle, our correspondent says.

It is a result that will ring alarm bells for the party leadership – Delaware is one of a handful of states where the Republicans must win if they are to seize control of the Senate, he adds.

Ms O’Donnell, a little-known marketing consultant who won in Delaware, had been endorsed by Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee in 2008 who has the support of Tea Party activists.

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