Tennessee Vols Coach Fined $2 Million

Am I the only one that hears Eric Cartman in Pearl’s response? The guy was cheating, he was caught cheating, and now he’s busting out with the Cartman response.

I made a mistake, I misinterpreted the rules

Every so often, Southpark hits some serious social issues right on the head.

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After admitting to misleading the NCAA in an investigation, Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl will lose 25 percent of his salary — or a total of $2 million — for the remainder of his five-year contract and not be allowed to recruit off-campus for one year.

The investigation, according to sources, involved illegal phone calls and also improper contact with recruits.

”I’ve made some serious mistakes, and for that I’m truly sorry,” a tearful Pearl said during a Friday news conference. ”I provided incorrect and misleading information to the NCAA. I’ve learned some invaluable lessons. After I provided the false and misleading information, subsequently I went back and corrected the record.

The Vols received a letter of inquiry from the NCAA on Friday following an investigation into the program and then released the self-imposed sanctions.

Tennessee now will wait for the NCAA’s ruling on a punishment for the program.

The significant hit for the program will come in the fact that Pearl will not be permitted to engage in any off-campus recruiting for one year — from Sept. 24, 2010 until Sept. 23, 2011.

Not only that, but all three assistant coaches — Tony Jones, Steve Forbes and Jason Shay — will also have their salaries cut by 25 percent for the next year and will have recruiting limitations.

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