That’s Not A Reason

Every so often, I think about an old girlfriend of mine. She is French, and whenever we argued over just about anything, she’d usually quip “that’s not a reason” to just about everything that I said in response to her.

Here’s an example:

Scene: Me, pulling up to her apartment complex to pick her up so we could go to happy hour.
Her: Why are you 10 minutes late?
Me: I got stuck in traffic getting off the freeway.
Her: That’s not a reason.

Or this one:

Scene: Arguing, about European Union monetary policy at a bowling alley.
Her: I just don’t think that the Franc needs to disappear to make way for the Euro. I don’t think that France needs to give up it’s money, which is essentially its national identity, in order to please the Germans. Actually, no country should have to give up its national identity to please another country.
Me: Yeah, but think about the ease with which you’ll be able to travel across Europe without having to exchange currency every time you get off the train. Not only that, but how much easier would trade be if you knew you only had to deal with one currency when you’re dealing with the European Union?
Her: That’s not a reason.

There were other times, some less and some even more ridiculous than these when she came back at me with “that’s not a reason.” It used to drive me crazy!

Every so often, I think of her and her “that’s not a reason.”

I also think that I should try and get in touch with her, just say hi and see if she’s saving the world like she wanted to. In reality, I think I just want to know what she thinks of the euro now, but, I’m thinking that’s not a reason to get in touch with her.

I was a jerk to her after she moved back to France. To me, that, is a reason to let sleeping dogs lie.

N’est pas?


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