The BBC Wants Your Pictures

I think this is a cool little promo these folks have going on. Coincidentally, I have several “school” type events to go to, so I’ll be sending in a couple of pictures.

I’ll let y’all know if any of them get picked.

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Each week we ask you to send in your pictures on a theme and a selection of these are then published each Thursday on the Viewfinder photo blog.

Current themes

In order to give you a little time to send in your pictures here are the themes for the next few weeks with their deadlines:

  • School days: 21 September
  • My home town: 28 September
  • The night: 5 October
  • As this week includes the date 10/10/10, the theme for this week is 10: 12 October

Interpret these in any way you see fit and send your pictures to us at or upload them directly from your computer using the link to the right.

Please include the title of theme in the subject line of your message and remember to add your name and a caption: who, what, where and when should be enough, though the more details you give, the better your chance of being selected.




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