The Difference Between You’re and Your

Do you know it?

I was perusing an internet marketing blog the other day where neither the blogger nor the commenters had a clue about the difference between the two. Of course, the blogger and just about everyone else that commented on that site was making the internet moneyz and bragging about it.

For the record, “you’re” is a contraction for the phrase “you are.” What that means, is that instead of writing “you are an affiliate marketer…” as written below, you can write “you’re an affiliate marketer…”

You're not "your"

On the other hand, “your” is a possessive form of the word “you.” What that means is that in the example below “your opinion” as it references to the other commenters opinion is correct. However, in the example below, “your entitled” is the incorrect “you’re.”

I hope this little post helps you figure out which is the proper “your” to use.


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