The Furr’s List

I have a list of restaurants that I won’t eat at anymore. I call it my “Furr’s list” after the first place that I put on the list.

Taste of China

The list came about from the last time I was at Furr’s. Several years ago, while having the all you can eat buffet at Furr’s, I noticed that just about every person in the restaurant was really, really fat. Myself and the servers included.

I felt so disgusted with myself and with the experience that I decided that I would not eat at Furr’s again. I decided that I did not want to eat somewhere where everyone was so fat.

Since that day, I’ve added other places to the list. Souper Salads for example.

I added “Taste of China,” my favorite Chinese food buffet, to the list.

It’s a sad day, since I really liked their food. I’ve decided to add all places that have an “all you can eat” buffet to the list.

So, no more “all you can eat” buffets for me. I won’t say ever, since I may find myself on a cruise ship and all they have on cruise ships are “all you can eat” buffets. Although the cruise ship exemption is close to a moot point since I’m seldom on a cruise ship, but I figured I’d add it anyway.


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