The Smelly Russian

Interior Frontier A318
Interior of a Frontier Airlines A318 From my Aviation Photography Site

I was on a flight from Sacramento to Denver last year when I had the misfortune of sitting across the aisle from a smelly russian dude. When I say “smelly,” I mean this dude smelled like sweaty ass.

Literally, like sweaty ass.

He gets up next to me, in the aisle to let someone else get to their seat, and all I can smell is his ass in my face. He was wearing some weird cologne, but all I could smell was ass.

The dude was wearing black Adidas sweat pants, a black wife beater and 5 or 6 different gold necklaces. I think he thought he was either a rapper, or a real life Russian gangster of some kind.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Everything is illuminated he was dressed like “Alex” from that movie.

The dude obviously did not do the smell the butt crack test to make sure that his pants weren’t smelly. Or maybe, he just didn’t care that he smelled.

He thought he was the shit, but everyone else just thought he smelled like shit.


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