The Truth About French Rudeness

Old town Montreal
Old town Montreal

I’m visiting Montreal Canada as we speak. I’ve come to realize something about “French rudeness” that I feel applies to French Canadians as well.

They’re not rude, they’re just legit tired of dealing with people’s bullshit and they’re not afraid to let you know about it. Whereas in the USA and a in a lot of other countries, people will fake being nice to you in the guise of “customer service” these guys don’t care.

If you’re being rude, or wishy-washy, or just plain doing something that they feel is wasting their time, they will treat you how you deserve to be treated. If you are genuinely confused, and express your confusion, they will be the most helpful people who you can deal with. Although, even that has a limit.

Ex. One of the subway workers was helping Michelle and I figure out that we had bought the wrong subway passes. Michelle, asked one too many questions about the passes that we bought vs the ones that we should have bought.

The woman who was helping us, instantly switched demeanor. The subway worker went from being super helpful to “bitch, I’m done helping you” in less than a second.

I could tell that Michelle was asking too many clarifying questions and could see the steam level rising in the subway worker. It was funny to witness.

Anyway, it’s not rudeness, it’s honesty.

We’ve all dealt with a customer that just asked too many questions, and wouldn’t it have been nice to just be French about in that situation?

No wonder these people have lower levels of stress.


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