The Usefulness Of Pseudonyms

I read something recently that talked about how using a pseudonym is a good thing. The context of the article, which I can’t find anymore, was that in the literary world lots of people wrote under a pseudonym and “you should give it a try.”

People like George Elliot, Mark Twain, Stephen King are all published under pseudonyms. The point of the article that I read, was basically to say that in this modern ultra connected world, writing and/or using a pseudonym could be a good thing even if it is a bit impractical.

That author argued that the impracticality comes from the fact that a savvy online search could crack through just about any cloak of protection that having a pseudonym could have afforded you. They also argued that the levels of shells to keep your online persona separate from your real life persona would be cumbersome to maintain and could be easy to break.

I don’t know how complicated the whole shell game would have to be, nor how complicated it could get but I like the idea of a pseudonym. I even have a few picked out that I want to start using.

I think that writing under an assumed name will be liberating. It’s not that I’m going to start writing erotica or anything like that. There are just somethings that I want to say that I don’t want my kids to read until they are older.

When I first started blogging, I bought a domain name with privacy etc. I started blogging using one of my nicknames and I wrote about all kinds of things. Some personal, some not, some way too personal. In retrospect, I should’ve stayed under that name instead of switching to my real name. Hindsight being 20/20 and all that sort of thing.

I don’t know that I can go back to my original online persona, but I’m sure that I can start up a new persona and be OK.

One of the online personas that I find most entertaining is the Salty Droid. I really like his writing style, his topic of choice and all of the shenanigans on his blog. I like that he writes under an assumed name, even though I know what his real name is.

From reading the Droid’s blog I know how hard determined people are willing to bend the law to get the information that they want.

The point being, that I’m going to start blogging under one of my pseudonyms. I’m either going to start off a brand new blog, revive an old one that’s been languishing, or you may just see a new writer name pop up.

Quite honestly, I’m really just thinking out loud right now.


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