To Podcast Or Not To Podcast

Photo that shows from left to right Ira Glass, Mark Maron, Tom Scharpling and Therese Mahler
From left to right: Ira Glass, Mark Maron, Tom Scharpling and Therese Mahler – WFMU – RadioVision Festival

I’ve started watching the TV show Maron on IFC. It’s about a mid to late 40 year old guy, that drives a Camry and has a podcast. The podcast, is pretty much all he does. We don’t really know what he does for money, but it’s clear from the show that he doesn’t seem to have a regular job of any kind.

Here’s the funny or interesting thing about this. I’m a 40 something year old guy, that drives a Camry, without a job (at the moment) and I’ve been told that I have a certain skill at podcasting. So now, I ask myself, should I start up a podcast?

Do I really want to be like a 40 something year old dude on a TV show?

I should mention, the guy Maron, on the TV show, is a likable enough guy, but he has some horrible personality traits. Much like me.

I don’t even know what I would podcast about, which is the main reason why I haven’t started podcasting already. I’ve been jotting down idea snippets for the show, but I haven’t really figured out what the show will actually end up being about.

I should prolly figure out what my show topic is going to be before I start the show, right?

Image by John Dalton on Flickr


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