Top 10 Greatest Collaborative Moments Between Microsoft And Apple

This list was put together by a dude a Techrepublic. I don’t know that these are necessarily the top 10 as much as they are THE 10 times that Microsoft and Apple have collaborated.

Seriously, can you think of a time, other than these 10? I don’t know that Office 2004/2008 for Mac counts as a separate collaboration since they’d been releasing an “Office for Mac” product for years.

I won’t count the time when Microsoft stole the concept of a GUI based OS from Apple who stole it from Xerox, since that was technically not collaborating.

10. Microsoft launches Outlook for Mac in Office 2011
9. Apple and Microsoft spurn Blu-ray for digital downloads
8. Apple makes Safari available for Windows
7. Snow Leopard connects to Exchange
6. Boot Camp installs Windows on Mac hardware
5. Microsoft licenses Exchange Activesync for iPhone
4. Microsoft invests $150 million in Apple
3. Internet Explorer becomes the default browser on Mac
2. Apple makes iPod compatible with Windows
1. Microsoft develops Word for the original Macintosh


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