Top 10 SEO Blogs by Subscribers

This is a list published by Lee Oden over on his Top Rank site. The interesting thing, is that some of my favorites aren’t on there. The biggest site missing, is The reason, apparently, is that SEObook doesn’t publish their feedburner numbers or something like that.

Ironically, I do not subscribe to any of these blogs. I only read them when I catch something on twitter that grabs my attention and makes me want to click. I was subscribed, via email, to marketingpilgrim, but I unsubscribed when I discovered I didn’t want to read everything they posted.

I was surprised to see hubspot on the list. Given how much content those guys put out, I actually would’ve been more surprised had they not been on the list.

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Below is a list of blogs that cover Search Engine Marketing topics ranked according to how many RSS subscribers they have as of August 6th, 2010. It’s important to note that not all blogs run their feeds through Feedburner, nor do all blogs that run their feeds through Feedbuner enable the Feedcount option which makes the chicklet counters below possible. That said, it’s a pretty good list. If you want a much larger list to pick from, be sure to visit the Online Marketing Blog BIGLIST of SEO Blogs.

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