Weird Austin Blog

I had a weird dream last night. In the dream, I owned or ran a “weird Austin blog.” Basically, I would ride around Austin in a bike or in my car looking for weird “Austin” things to photograph and to write about.

I was going to photograph a guy that had a weird business that was able to exist because the City of Austin passed an ordinance that made it technically legal to piss in the street as long as you were being towed in a cage like structure. So this dude built a cage with hexagonal doors so that people could stand inside and pee while being driven around town.

This guy would drive around 6th street on the weekends or during festivals etc. and people would pay him a few bucks to get towed around so they could pee in the street.

I was there, not just to photograph the carrier, but also to talk about the controversy generated by it being a standing room only contraption. There were some women that were upset that they could not use the “porta-pisser” unless they could pee standing up.

Here’s a sketch of what the device looked like in my dream:

After much deliberation, it turns out that the city wrote the ordinance in such a way that having seating in the apparatus that was going to be towed would make the contraption illegal. There was no way around it. If a woman wanted to use the contraption, she had to pee standing up.

They compromised by making a Shewee type device available for women to use so they could use the porta pisser too. Everyone left the meeting happy, and I got my photograph and story for the blog.

Yeah, I have weird dreams from time to time.


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