What Do They Mean By “Be My Yorick?”

Skull from Game of Thrones
Skull worn by the Lord of Bones from Game of Thrones

There was this thing going around about being someone’s Yorick.

The line of thinking went something like “I hope I get to know you well enough to one day hold your skull at a churchyard while telling Horatio all about you.”

Whoever started this thing was thinking that it was a sign of love.

That Hamlet, telling Horatio about Yorick, was a love poem or a love message of some kind.

Not really.

Well, maybe?

No, not at all. Hamlet was saying that he remembered Yorick, with fondness because of how funny he was and how Yorick carried Hamlet on his back when he was younger.

It’s not a message of love in the romantic sense. Hamlet laments the loss of someone who he felt was funny and not much more than that.


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