Who is James Arthur Ray?

One of the goals that I wanted to accomplish with this blog was to help shed light onto scams and scammers. There are some serious scammers out there, which fortunately only want your money, but there is at least 1 guy who will take your life too.

Enter James Arthur Ray.

This is a guy with no medical, coaching or counseling credentials whatsoever who thanks to the media became a “darling” and made millions of dollars “life coaching” people to death. This guy is a snake oil salesman, pretending to be a guru, life healer, shaman type of person.

Death Ray, as we call him, is responsible for 4 deaths in 90 days over the summer of 2009. You read that right, 4 deaths.

Google “James Arthur Ray sweat lodge deaths” and you’ll get a “heapin helpin” of what I’m talking about.

Anyway, you don’t just become Death Ray overnight, so here’s a clip from my good friend Salty Droid that shows how the media failed in their duty to uncover the truth:

AS SEEN ON TV from Salty Droid on Vimeo.

I don’t know about you, but I can literally see the Death Ray’s head getting bigger as the clips progress. It seems like those “journalists” did nothing but inflate Death Ray’s ego.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, “The Secret” is a load of bull malarky. At least 10% of the “gurus” or “stars” or whatever it is that they call themselves in that pathetic piece of garbage have serious ethical issues hanging over them.

1 bad apple ruins the bunch

You know what they say about 1 rotten apple ruining the bunch, well, imagine 10% of the apples in the bunch are rotten, would you still want that particular bunch? That we know of, 10% of the people featured in “The Secret” are rotten apples.

Seriously folks, if you want to read a good book that could really help your life that’s based on something that requires you to have faith, go find yourself a good bible based church and start attending.


Rafael is an aviation geek, a consumer advocate, a dad, a multiple personality blogger, a photographer, politically opinionated, a videographer and many other things as well.

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