Who voluntarily joins a botnet?

My question about this deal is who would voluntarily join a botnet to carry out attacks like this? I would. If I could trust the software and if I could isolate the botnet machine to its own network and not use the machine for anything other than that.

I think it’s ludicrous that Visa and Mastercard have taken down Wikileaks ability to take payments but allow scammers and spammers to continue using their services with impunity.

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Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme, Coldblood said that “more and more people are downloading the voluntary botnet tool”.

This signs them up to a so-called botnet, an army of machines that can then launch attacks.

Overnight Visa became the latest victim.

Its website experienced problems while Mastercard payments were also disrupted.

Both were victims of distributed denial-of-service attacks, which bombard websites with requests until they are unable to cope, and fall over.

The Operation Payback campaign is targetting firms that have withdrawn services from Wikileaks.

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