Why Prop 19 Failed

This guy makes some valid points, however, I think the biggest reason prop 19 failed is the perception that mainly pot heads supported it. Besides, everyone knows that using good arguments, good logic and speaking in complete and accurate sentences doesn’t win elections.

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Yet it’s hard to see the federal apparatus yielding ground without direct elimination of its authorization; the stakes for those who hold this power are too high. Legalizers can also argue compellingly that no reasonable interpretation of the Constitution justifies federal imposition of a marijuana ban.

A final key to legalizing marijuana is to get conservatives, not just liberals, more involved. A number of well-known conservatives have advocated legalization, such as Milton Friedman, George Schultz, and William Buckley, but the general perception is that legalizers are “stoners, ” acting mainly out of self-interest.

Yet legalization can appeal to conservatives, especially if the arguments emphasize freedom, personal responsibility, and the Constitution, along with up-front clarity about the goal: legal production and use of marijuana for adults, whatever their motivations. Past liberal efforts, such as medical marijuana, invite charges of hypocrisy and weaken support.

Marijuana can and should be legal, Prop 19’s failure notwithstanding. But the strategy for achieving that end must change.

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